Tue.     Dec.    4          6:30 PM          Officers and trustees meeting

Tue.     Dec.    4          7:30 PM          Stated Communication.

Thur.-Sat. Dec. 6 – 15 4:00–7:00 PM NFR Fundraiser. Volunteer Bus Ambassadors at Palace Station – Help

Needed! Contact: Ken Morris (Treasurer)

Tue.     Dec.    11                                Dark

Sun.     Dec.    16        2:00 PM          Installation of Officers for 2019 (public)

Tue.     Dec.     18                                Dark

Tue.     Dec.     25                                Merry Christmas!

Tue.     Jan.     1                                  Dark – Happy New Year

*The degree for opening and closing always depends on the lowest degree of all the members present


Thur.    Nov.    29        5:30 PM          B. C. Shrine Club; O- 5:30PM D- 6:00PM M- 7:00PM

Sat.      Dec.    1                                  Rainbow Tamale Sale Pickup (at lodge)

Mon.    Dec.     3 & 17  7:30 PM          Desert Chapter OES (1st and 3rd Mondays)

Wed.    Dec.    5 & 19 6:30 PM          Meeting Rainbow Girls Assembly #8 (1st and 3rd Wed.)

Sat.      Dec.    8          5:30 PM          B. C. Shrine Club Catered Dinner

Fri.       Dec.    21        5:30 PM          B. C. Shrine Club; O- 5:30PM D- 6:00PM M- 7:00PM

Note: York Rite Bodies now meeting in Henderson at the Masonic Lodge at 480 Greenway Rd.



Brothers, Thank you so much for helping make this a memorable year for me and all the lodge members. At our Stated Meeting I will give a report on the proceedings at Grand Lodge, and we’ll start discussions on our proposal to raise dues to cover our monthly losses. We still have a lot to do in degree work for our new brothers, and I hope all of you will help and/or volunteer to participate. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are looking forward to a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Worshipful Master                                                                                                      Fraternally, William Grant, P.M.


Brothers, Is it really December??  As we move towards closing this year with WM William Grant, I wish to extend my thanks and appreciation out to him and all of the Past Masters. The work they have done and continue to do are the pillars that hold this Lodge up. We will be holding elections for the next year’s officers at our Stated Communication on December 4th.If there are any Brothers who wish to hold an office in the upcoming year please let me know and I will inform the proper person at the proper time.  As we start a year where none of the line officers look to be filled by a Past Master, it shows me that our lodge is alive and growing. I know they will still be there to assist and help guide us on the correct paths and continue to teach us.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were blessed with family and loved ones. As we move into the Christmas and Holiday Season. I would like to wish all of you a heartfelt wish of peace and love in the coming year.

I look forward to another busy year. We have Fellowcraft and Master Mason Degrees coming up shortly.

Senior Warden                                                                                                                      Fraternally, James Ebbert


Brothers, we’ve reached the end of the calendar and so reached the end of our Masonic year. I’d like to thank all the Brethren for finding me worthy enough to have been elected to the station of Jr. Warden. It’s been a busy year and I hope I did a satisfactory job. As you know, we have one more Stated meeting for the year and then an installation of officers. For the stated meeting, my wife will be bringing back an old favorite, her garlic twisty bread. Last time she made this the whole lodge room was filled with the smell of garlicy, bready goodness and made everyone want to hurry the meeting along, so they could enjoy the yumminess. Come on out and enjoy. See you all in Lodge.

Junior Warden                                                                                                                     Fraternally, Steven Crosby


The adults and girls of Boulder # 8 will be trying a new fundraiser this year. “Tamale Sales”… A preliminary batch was made and sold quickly in October. We will be making Chicken with Green Chilies, Pork in a homemade Roja (Red) sauce, Beef with the Roja. and if enough people would like it a Green Chili with Cheese. They will be $20.00 per Dozen. (Available to mix at 1/2 dozen). Tamales will be available for pick-up on December 1st. Please send requests to

Thank you from the girls of Boulder Assembly 8 Rainbow Girls.

Happy Birthday to Brethren Born in December:

A. Anderson, E. Rusk, W. Saunders, D. Christensen, B. Greene, J. Ebbert, R. Sindelar, J. Frame

Sickness and Distress: I understand that Katie Ulrich is out of the hospital and back in physical therapy.  Please contact me if you learn of someone in need of prayers or assistance. Also, take some of your time to look in on our Masonic Widows, both those at home and in the various assisted living facilities, as they would appreciate some help, or just a short visit.  I’ve got addresses in the Secretary’s office.

From the Secretary’s Desk

Dear Brothers, I will be, hopefully, stepping down as Secretary in the coming year. It has been a great pleasure serving Boulder City Lodge for the past 6 years in this capacity. Yes, it has been a bit of work, but worth it as this is a great fraternity and we are a great lodge! I am not going anywhere, but plan to stay around and serve in whatever capacity that I can contribute. Don’t worry, the job of Secretary will be in very capable hands and I will make sure he is well trained and knows the nuances of the job. However, if I can ever be of service to you, do not hesitate to call or email. May God Bless and may you and yours have a wonderful Holiday Season and the best 2019 possible!

Secretary                                                                                                                          Fraternally, Julian Shull, P.M